Gravimotion Interpretation of Nature







Time is in trouble

Richard Feynman, a renowned physicist said "Time is what continues when everything else stops."
One concludes that time runs behind or independently of anything that is occurring.

On the other hand both time and space make one in Einstein's space-time, abolishing altogether both our concepts of time and space; Einstein replaced both space and time by a single entity that is space-time, abolishing Feynman concept and getting us in trouble trying to understand what is going on.

Einstein discovered and proved mathematically that time is not an absolute reality; when a clock is in motion the display that it provides is altered. The alteration, either shortening or lengthening of time, is called time dilation; it has been verified experimentally with atomic clocks sent flying around the globe.
In gravimotion's interpretation of Nature a clock internal mechanism is none else than a mechanical, electrical or sub-atomic mechanism in motion; as such time dilation is the effect the clock's overall motion is inflicting on the clock's internal motion mechanism; motion only is at play, time dilation along our human concept of time are non-existing in reality.

Motions, such as the clock's internal and external motions just as light's motion energy, are real. Motion is a reality, just as matter is.
For the sake of unification in science, light energy (f in kf) is identified to matter (m in mC2); in gravimotion the unification is accomplished in reverse; the motion C2 appearing in matter's mC2 is occurring under light's very pure motion energy; matter is occuring as stalled motion energy (stalled acceleration at the image of gravity); in science by contrast matter is inert (inertia) and electromagnetic waves are particles' photons (modeled on particle matter).
Besides in science physics events that occur at the same time for one observer could occur at different times for another; the following might look childish but it justifies science physics: when it is 9:00 PM in Paris France it is 1:00PM in San Francisco California. In gravimotion, time is not a valid reference, whether used for coincidences or not.

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