In gravimotion interpretation of Nature spacetime is occurring as invisible MOTION-volumes
Einstein's spacetime is a physical REALITY which occupies a volume, as if spacetime had no physical volume there would be nothing between the stars that we see at night and they would all be touching each other leaving no dark space in between them as we see it. Yet up to this writing, science did not provide any physical entity that would embody the volume occupied by spacetime. In gravimotion's interpretation of the Universe the entity spacetime is determined by analogy to temperature.
  1. Air is made of molecules in ceaseless MOTION (see previous page: temperature) which, even though interdependent, appear random. Sound waves (voice, music) are specific modifications of these random MOTIONS; no matter our human interpretations, these so called waves are truly physical as they do excite our ear-drums.
  2. One is entitled to think that light waves, which are occurring as pure massless dynamic-MOTION-volumes (see previous page: MOTION reality), are then occurring within a background made of random movements at the image of the air molecules MOTIONS, and out of which the physical molecules disappeared.
  3. Spacetime is then considered here to be occurring under haphazardly oriented MOTIONS that are pure massless invisible dynamic-MOTION-volumes. And these MOTION-volumes are such that they can handle MOTION-volumes as fast as the MOTION-volumes implementing light rays as the latter transmit themselves through spacetime.
In gravimotion's interpretation of Nature, spacetime occurs as random and invisible pure dynamic-MOTION-volumes called the present mo(ve)ment. The primordial ingredient of the present mo(ve)ment is un-organized MOTIONS moving in all directions that can handle MOTIONS as fast as light MOTION.

A characteristic of the present mo(ve)ment, not mentioned in physics, is it's short happening, yet self un-ending renewing. Besides being self driven the present mo(ve)ment is altogether finite and infinite.

The issue is: light rays (called electromagnetic waves in science) gravity and temperature are, in gravimotion interpretation of Nature, all specific implementations of the present mo(ve)ment.
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