Gravimotion Interpretation of Nature







Spacetime is given the name present mo(ve)ment in gravimotion

Einstein's space-time is a reality that occupies a volume, as if space-time had no volume there would be nothing between the stars that we see at night and they would all be touching each other leaving no dark space in between them as we see it. Einstein's general relativity describes how gravity bends and stretches space-time, but does not provide the real entity that is bent and stretched. Science's dark energy is a force that is causing the expansion of the Universe, which is provided no real constitution either just as the cosmic microwave background. And up to this writing, besides a theoretical quantum field, science did not provide any real entity that would embody the volume occurring under space-time.
In gravimotion's interpretation of the Universe, the entity space-time is determined by analogy to temperature.
  1. Air is made of molecules animated through relative-motion-volumes (see previous page: temperature) which, even though interdependent, appear random. Sound waves (voice, music) are harnessing the intensity and direction of these relative-motion-volumes; no matter our human interpretations, these so-called sound waves are truly real as they do excite our ear-drums.
  2. One is entitled to think that light waves, which are occurring as absolute-motion-volumes, are then occurring within a background made of absolute-motion-volumes at the image of the air molecules relative-motion-volumes, but out of which the molecules disappeared.
  3. spacetime Space-time is then considered here to be occurring under haphazardly oriented absolute-motion-volumes.
    In order to distinguish them from light waves, these absolute-motion-volumes are labelled present mo(ve)ment.
  4. The present mo(ve)ment fundamental characteristic is to be occurring now, ephemeral, yet infinite throughout the entire Universe; the present mo(ve)ment is occurring as motions in all directions, which can be turned into electromagnetic waves or particle's matter (as shown next pages); it replaces altogether both our human concepts of time and space.
    Getting back to the air temperature analogy, underlying the air molecule's random motion is the rotational motion of Earth and all other underlying motions; the present mo(ve)ment is the last of all these underlying motions.
    Being massless and having no specific direction the present mo(ve)ment is temperature less, invisible and impalpable; when measured the thermometer used remains at its minimum.
In gravimotion's interpretation of Nature, space-time is called the present mo(ve)ment; it is occurring under invisible and in all directions absolute-motion-volumes; the present mo(ve)ment can be turned into directed motions as fast as light motion.
Renewing itself over and over at present throughout the entire Universe, besides being self-driven that is animated or live, the present mo(ve)ment is altogether finite (the time duration of the present appears to be infinitesimal) and infinite (the space of the Universe has no limit in gravimotion).

Gravity is a configuration of the present mo(ve)ment.

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