Gravimotion Interpretation of Nature








I asked myself: is science's "zero" (mathematical symbol "0") acceptable or valid value? The fact is "0" is coinciding to "nothing"; "0" as used in science mathematics is per definition a symbol that has no REAL correlation. And one is tempted to question whether "imaginary numbers" have any correlation in REALITY. And what about quantum uncertainty and motion relativity?

While it depicts so well REALITY, science's mathematics does not provide a clue on what is REALITY. Worse, above mentionned mathematical subjects along many other in science induce our minds into thinking REALITY cannot be explained; part of science is even asserting that REALITY doen't exist. The questions become does REALITY occurs and if so what is REALITY?
In this interpretation of Nature that is gravimotion, hard materials, such as our own body and the ground on which we stand, which can be felt and seen physically by our material bodies are part of REALITY; yet the air that we breathe, made of oxygen and nitrogen material molecules, is invisible; material REALITY may be visible yet also invisible.
And even more confusing light rays according to science have no mass and as such are not material; light rays, which may burn our skin, while not material are nevertheless integral part of REALITY.
All in all. in gravimotion interpretation of Nature, REALITY is occurring as visible and invisible things, yet also as entities made of matter and entities devoid of matter.

Somehow I find the subject fascinating; REALITY is deserving more attention; I decided to deepen the subject; and over the years that amounted to a bunch of questions, which to my surprise have all a common answer.

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