Theory of Motion Reality


Common sense is that material things, such as our body or a car, make REALITY; on the other hand the MOTION of material entities is not material and may be considered as not REAL or not physical; and MOTION RELATIVITY is boosting the idea that MOTION does not exist, as relativeness is elusive.

Science teaches that light rays have no mass. Yet because it may burn your skin, massless sun light is nevertheless a physical entity; non material entities such as light may nevertheless be integral part of REALITY.
While transferring itself from place to place and having no mass, in gravimotion interpretation of Nature, light is a REALITY occurring as PURE-MOTION.
Furthermore while the sun-light is illuminating all material objects that we human see, that light remains invisible. You do not see in the air next to you the light rays that are providing an image of the landscape surrounding you. Light's PURE MOTION is non visible, its effects only are perceptible.
In gravimotion interpretation of Nature, MOTION is occuring as a physical entity; and a specifc feature of MOTION REALITY is to be invisibe. In gravimotion interpretation of Nature REALITY may or may not be visible.

PURE MOTION characteristics

Light carries energy in science.
In gravimotion interpretation of Nature because it carries enegy light's MOTION departs from our human concept of speed, which does not involve any energy; energy becomes integral part of MOTION.
In gravimotion interpretation of Nature, MOTION is occuring as a physical entity, MOTION implements energy, MOTION is invisible; we human only see the effects of MOTION.
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