Gravimotion Interpretation of Nature







Motions interactions

In gravimotion interpretation of Nature, reality whether it be material objects or massless entities such as light, is occurring as motion-volumes all integral part of the present mo(ve)ment; as such any interaction that we humans are witnessing is occurring as motion-volumes interacting with other motion-volumes; any interaction occurring as modulations of the present mo(ve)ment.
As mentioned in Space-time or present mo(ve)ment section of this web site, the perfect synthesis that is occurring between light translation and present mo(ve)ment illustrates such interactions.

And Einstein's famous discovery concerning the interaction that occurs between light and gravity fits like hand in glove gravimotion's interpretation of both; see The photon and Gravity.

The falling of a pencil toward Earth is the interaction occurring between earth's gravimotion's motion-volumes and the pencil own gravimotion's motion-volumes; the latter being sent out of equilibrium by Earth's gravimotion, and implementing either a falling motion or a restricted motion when at rest in contact with Earth's surface.

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