Mass: Because it produces gravimotion that is gravitational pure dynamic-MOTION-volumes in its surrounding, the very mass of matter or the very mass of subatomic particles is occurring as pure dynamic-MOTION-volumes in gravimotion's interpretation of Nature.
In gravimotion's interpretation of Nature, the (so called) mass of any subatomic particle is occurring as concurring dynamic-MOTION-volumes toward a common point center of gravity, at the image of the gravimotion surrounding it.
Within the present mo(ve)ment a number of dynamic-MOTION-volumes may congregate, overlap and furthermore concur toward a common center of gravity; they get stuck against each other and become aggregated in such high density that they delineate the (so-called) mass of a subatomic particle.

Note that in quantum mechanics particles pop haphazardy out of empty space and are made of energy; in gravimotion's interpretation of Nature spacetime is occurring as dynamic-MOTION-volumes out of which pop out particles occuring as gravitational MOTION.

A subatomic particle is occurring in such a high density of concurring dynamic-MOTION-volumes, that contrary to its surrounding gravimotion, it is occupying most of its allocated local present mo(ve)ment.
The particle's (so called mass) very volume is determined by such a high density of aggregated dynamic-MOTION-volumes, that it can no longer be easily penetrated by other material particles of similar constitution.
In return, the demolition of such particle amounts to a blast of MOTION, reversing their gravimotion's very occurring, yet just as Einstein's equation E=mC2 is predicting. In gravimotion interpretation of Nature, " m " in this equation is a number with no unit, like " one hundred " or " one million ", which depends on the size of mass considered, while light's MOTION squared " C2 " is representing the real active ingredient.

The issue is: gravimotion's MOTION REALITY, while implementing light, gravity, temperature, space-time and mass, ends up being a unified interpretation of the Universe.

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