It's a great privilege to be sharing a slice of infinite life

An astonishing yet evident aspect of life is that life is altogether a finite and infinite physical occurrence; life at the image of the present mo(ve)ment is finite (my life had a beginning and will have an end); yet this life we are all sharing is transmitted to us from our ancestors, and transmitted through us to our descendants; our life is continuous and has the ability to be renewing itself indefinitely; as such, in gravimotion interpretation of Nature (that is of the Universe), our human lives and bodies are considered to be integral part of infinite present.

Conversely the present mo(ve)ment, that is Einstein's space-time, is live; even though evident, while occurring the present is also self-reoccurring, a physical behavior usually not emphasized; the infinite present is above all live present.

I was personnally educated in a family believing that we human have a soul occurring besides or above our material bodies; even though it could not be defined physically this soul of mine would somehow survive me.
My gravimotion idea modifies drastically the mental concept I am making of my soul; in gravimotion interpretation of Nature, life is taking the place of the soul and is simply occurring as an integral part of the infinite mo(ve)ment.

In short I discovered that "my" life is not "mine"; and rather than having a soul that will survive me, that life that I am granted is part of the infinite live present.

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