Gravimotion Interpretation of Nature







The expansion (of the Universe) is in trouble

The expansion of the Universe is based on red-shifts measures of light radiated by far away bodies of matter (discovered by Hubble).
Gravity, in gravimotion's interpretation of Nature, occurs as motions all concurring toward the centers of gravity of the bodies' considered.
The quasars, galaxies and clouds of particles observed in our far surrounding horizon have gravities of their own, amounting to accelerated motions concurring toward themselves that is straying away from us in all directions and creating the very red-shifts we are observing.

In gravimotion's interpretation of Nature, these far away receding gravitational motions, which are departing from us in all directions, take the place of science's expansion of the Universe.

By contrast to such simple explanation, science's Universe expansion is in trouble; due to certain contingencies, nowadays in science the Universe expansion is no longer due to far away galaxies receeding from us; somehow the space in between the galaxies and us is instead expanding.
This latest explanation, which involves an expansion of space, while the far away galaxies are not receding from us, is difficult to imagine.

Yet that fits perfectly above gravimotion explanation, which involves the present mo(ve)ment, yet interpreted as gravity instead of expanding.
Gravimotion's explanation has the great advantage to avoid the fact that just in a few months an expansion of space would match light's own motion; the stars' light should by now be invisible at night; a disappearance that obviously did not occur.

In gravimotion's interpretation, the red-shifts are measuring the gravity surrounding these far away objects, eradicating altogether science's unrealistic expansion of space, yet (hopefully) concurring with science measurements.

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