Electrical charges

How are electrical positive charges, such as protons, physically implemented and differentiated from negative charges, such as electrons?
In gravimotion's interpretation of Nature a positive charge coincides to pure dynamic-MOTION-volumes oriented toward a common center, as introduced in section "mass" above; a negative charge is occurring as a number of dynamic-MOTION-volumes all oriented outward with respect to its center of gravity, creating there an inversion of dynamic-MOTION-volumes, mirror image of the positive charge.
And that explains how protons repel protons while electrons repel electrons.
Now an atom nucleus having a mass greater than a single proton, is a single particle (rather than an accumulation of antagonistic protons) larger in volume than a single proton and occurring as a number of dynamic-MOTION-volumes being a multiple of protons' dynamic-MOTION-volumes.
The magnetic effect of either charge is implemented through a rotational MOTION of either the dynamic-MOTION-volumes concentration (proton) or inversion (electron) within the present mo(ve)ment.
The neutron would be a particle not spinning. Because its core is nevertheless surrounded by a gradient of MOTION-volumes at the image of a proton, the neutron electrical neutrality reflects the great intertwine existing between electrical and magnetic effects.

As such the sub atomic particles implementing an atom are occurring under various rotating MOTIONS formats in gravimotion interpretation of Nature; these rotating MOTIONS or vibrations end up beating in symbiosis with each other forming resonances; such resonances justifying physically Niels Bohr 1913 quantum theory; rotational MOTIONS beating in concert harmony, rather than energies, do implement the now well defined sub-atomic particles trajectories within the atom.

The issue is: in gravimotion's interpretation of Nature, rotational motions are physically implementing science's magnetic and electric "fields"; and within atoms the subatomic particles rotational MOTIONS are resonating in concert with each other keeping atoms integrity under control.

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