No big bang ever occurred in gravimotion's interpretation of Nature

Because I am a human being, which brain knows that its own matter (its flesh and bones) had a beginning and will have an end, that brain of mine cannot imagine that anything real (made of matter as my own body is) be infinite.
That human fundamental belief might then be at the origin of the big bang (idea).
Yet at least two good reasons came to my mind that big bang never occured.
First the fundamental aspect of REALITY, that is motion in gravimotion interpretation of Nature, happens to be immaterial and as such material finite REALITY, such as my own body, cannot be used as a valid argument to first assume then assert that the Universe had a beginning.
Now here is a physical argument which defeats our human indelible belief that anything existing is finite; because the Universe is not expanding (see previous "expansion" subject) big bang is no longer needed in gravimotion's interpretation of Nature.

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