Gravimotion Interpretation of Nature







In gravimotion's interpretation of Nature time is not a physical entity

Richard Feynman, a renowned physicist said "Time is what continues when everything else stops."
In science physics, time runs behind or independently of anything that occurs physically.
Clearly in physics' science, the HUMAN CONCEPT of TIME (abbreviated HCT in this page) is not a physical entity.

Einstein discovered and proved mathematically that HCT is not an absolute reality; when a clock is in MOTION the display that it provides is altered. The alteration, either shortening or lengthening of HCT, is called time dilation; it has been verified experimentally with atomic clocks sent flying around the globe.
In gravimotion's interpretation of Nature a clock internal mechanism is none else than a mechanical, electrical or sub-atomic mechanism in MOTION; as such time dilation is physically the effect the clock's overall MOTION is inflicting on the clock's internal MOTION mechanism; MOTION only is at play, time dilation along HCT are non-existing physically.
And the "arrow of time" coincides to the occurring of any movement; in gravimotion interpretation of Nature time does not exist; MOTION, the closest ingredient of which is light's motion energy in science, only is physical.

Science offers a much more direct, simpler and powerful explanation to summarize above awkward verbiage of mine: both time and space make one in Einstein's space-time, abolishing altogether both our concepts of time and space; Einstein replaced both space and time by a single entity that is space-time, which happens to mimic the definition of speed.

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