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Temperature and spacetime

light motion
In science physics, air temperature is occurring as the air molecules' average speed.
The air we breathe is made of Nitrogen (N) and Oxygen (O) molecules constantly moving around as illustrated on the left.
Within a room the greater the air molecules' speed, the higher the temperature. And no matter the entity considered, whether visible material body or invisible material gaz such as air, the temperature is a function of the molecules average speed.
Because the air molecules are material entities, they are represented here in black.

light motion
Along science's average speed interpretation, temperature is Motion in gravimotion interpretation of Nature; yet such Motion is occurring as an invisible physical entity; while invisible, molecules' Motion are physical just as molecules' matter are.
While we humans can usually not see heat, we can feel the effect of this invisible motion (effect of air temperature) through our human skin.
This invisible Motion is represented here on the right illustration, in which the Nitrogen (N) and Oxygen (O) molecules have desappeared.
And to distinguish it from the representation of matter, or because not material, this Motion is represented here in blue, the same color of the text.

In gravimotion interpretation of Nature, even though invisible, Motion is a real entity to be accounted for.

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