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Science's light wave/particle duality

In science light rays are at the same time electromagnetic waves and particle photons.
In the so-called 2 slits experiments, light waves pass through 2 parallel slits at same time, are interfering with themselves on the other side and are forming interferences as expected; it turns out that particle photons sent through the same slits should not provide interferences, yet they nevertheless do.
Even though incompatible the wave and the particle photon are integral part of science's mathematics interpretation.

The following is based on physics mathematics; beware though this interpretation is denying the photon interpretation.

Uncovering the photon's real entity

In science a photon has an energy E provided by Planck's equation E = h . f .
Energy E is a quality that can be transferred to an object in order to perform work, or provide heat; the energy conservation law states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed it can only be transmitted or maintained as is.
In this equation, h is Planck's constant and f is the frequency characterising the photon considered; the frequency being defined as a number of cycles per second.
In science's physics this number of cycles is a quantity that remains specifically and intentionally undefined; this cycle is provided no real entity (Note 1).

While science's photons mathematics remains impressive and proper, it is based on an undefined cycle having no real characteristic (Note 2).

In this gravimotion interpretation, a photon cycle (the very word used in number of cycles per second) is the period in seconds defining the frequency f appearing in Planck' equation (Note 3); for instance, a photon of frequency f = 10 periods per second, is a photon which cycle is occurring in .1 second.
f is mathematically the inverse of a time written here: f / 1 = 1 / period duration (a time in seconds).
About coincidence : While f is the inverse of a time t, it so happens that the letter t looks like the letter f upside down.
A photon is lasting a time duration, coinciding to the inverse of the frequency appearing in Planck's equation; a photon is not occurring instantaneously as a point particle does and as asserted in quantum mechanics.
And the higher the photon frequency f (a number involving no real entity) the smaller the photon's period (a real entity), the higher the photon's energy E.
The photon energy is rewritten here E = h / t , t being the time duration (precisely one cycle expressed in seconds) defined by the frequency f.

Science's undefined cycle is defined as a time duration in gravimotion interpretation of Nature; this duration being the period of the wave of frequency f.
Definning the photon as having a duration in time, just as the wave has, makes light duality vanish into thin air.

The photon energy interpreted as a motion-volume

Anything real occupies a volume in space as an absence of volume in space is per definition not real; because occurring as energy a photon is real and as such is occupying a volume in space; and as shown above a photon is lasting a time duration equal to the inverse of its frequency.
A volume involving space and time is called motion-volume in gravimotion; motion-volumes are equivalent to science's energy moving in time and space; instead of being instantaneous as a point particle is, a photon is occurring as a motion-volume.

In gravimotion interpretation of Nature, besides particles, non-material entities such as motion-volumes, are also considered to be real.

In the animations proposed here, single photons are moving from your screen to your eyes. Each photon is occurring as a motion-volume, a cylinder having for base the surface area of the green circle and for length the time duration of the green radius revolution, the whole impacting your eyes. This motion-volume length, a time duration, while ignored in science, is nevertheless called the period of the wave in science.

Beware, such motion-volumes are not part of physics's science; they are unconventional as they are occurring during the present mo(ve)ment, which is renewing itself over and over.

subatomic particle constitution subatomic particle constitution The green radius of length r along the yellow and blue lines are coinciding to science's polarized light, in essence making abstraction of the fact that the whole cylinder between your screen and your eyes is actually filled with non-polarized light.
The green rotating radius orientation determines an angle, the cosine of this angle represented in yellow coincides to the electric field variation, the sine in blue to the magnetic field.
As can be seen the electric (yellow) and magnetic (blue) fields are at 90 degrees with respect to each other just as defined in science; yet these sine and cosine values are offset in time by a quarter of a period rather than by 90 degrees in space, an observation usually not mentioned.

subatomic particle constitution Now the Pythagorean theorem, which states that the hypotenuse squared of a right triangle is equal to the sum of the 2 other sides squared is taken advantage of; the green, yellow and blue sides of the triangles in the above right illustration are now graphically squared with green yellow and blue squares.
The side of the green square (the square coinciding to the wave energy) is chosen as being √π r in length, so its surface matches the above green circle of radius r surface; and the yellow square (sine electric value) as well as the blue square (cosine magnetic field value) follow suite.
The rotating green square is representing the wave energy as a whole; the yellow and blue squares are representing the individual electric and magnetic energies. In the real world the green representation is occurring as a combination of the yellow and blue energies.
The electric / magnetic duality in this interpretation occurs as follows: the magnetic animated motion-volume (evolving field) is transferring its energy to the electric motion-volume, which as a consequence is increasing; when the magnetic motion-volume reaches a minimum, that is becoming a motion-quantum, the electric motion-volume reaches a maximum and rebounds within the green maximum volume, now returning back its energy to the magnetic motion-volume; the motion-volume's envelope remaining constant is implementing these rebounds and internal transfers.
The magnetic and electric motion-volumes are alternatively decreasing, increasing in favor of each other along a cycle; both motion-volumes (fields) complement each other, while their sum is remaining constant.
Now below are appearing one after the other non polarized photons.
subatomic particle constitution In gravimotion interpretation of Nature, both electric and magnetic motion-volumes are acting on their own; their interaction causing the wave propagation, or its continuation in space-time (in reality), all in all implementing the wave's reality.

This cycle amounting to the happening (the reality) of any photon.

Note that mixing equal amounts of blue and yellow paint provides green paint; the yellow and blue colors have been chosen purposely to embody electric magnetic oneness. The green squares above representing an average; when the yellow square (electric) is reaching its minimum volume the green square should actually be blue (all magnetic); and when the blue (magnetic) is getting to its minimum volume the green (the wave) should actually be yellow; at 45, 135, 225 and 315 degrees only do electric and magnetic fields balance instantaneously each other, the yellow and blue squares having at that precise movement all identical sides.

All in all a photon is much more than a point particle; the photon complex volume entity is allowing it to travel through 2 slits at same time.

The photon as integral part of space-time

In this gravimotion interpretation, the yellow cosines values are varying along an horizontal line, which if considered to be along space, the blue sine values perpandicular to it do not vary with respect to it or space; the magnetic field can only vary in time; science's EMW energy is implemented here occurring as a combination of space and time, that is an integral part, or a perturbation of the present mo(ve)ment.

Gravimotion's interpretation of physics' prodigious equations

Planck's photon energy E = h f, in which as mentioned above f is an inverse time, is rewritten here: E = h . 1 / t.
Planck's constant h is h = 6.6-34 . kg . meter2 / second; in gravimotion interpretation a kg does not represent a mass, as in science (and as explained in Matter), but is a pure number defining the quantity of the entity following it, which is a meter2 / second that is a motion-volume; h being a constant, that motion-volume has a size made of units, and h = 6.6-34 times one meter2 of length one second interpreted as coinciding to the constant speed of light; that motion-volume carrying out another motion-volume (unit motion-volume / t ) implementing the frequency f through its inverse 1 / t.

Light and electromagnetic waves are occurring as a compounded motion that is a motion (characterized by f) varying within a motion characterized by light speed (300,000 km/second).

The electromagnetic wave energy E = 6.6-34 . (a number of) meter2 / second ​/ second
and Einstein's famous E = m C2 rewritten E = (a number of) meter2 / second ​/ second are unified in this gravimotion interpretation.

Considering C2 as the active ingredient in Einstein equation, rather than m as done in science, does unify light's motion energy with matter's kinetic energy; mass and particles in the standard-model prevent the unification of gravity with other forces.


Note 1 : Up until may 2021, date of this page first writing, all literature on the photon specifically defines f as a number of cycles per second; systematically avoiding to define that cycle.
Note 2 : Should a photon hit a material target it transfers the whole of its energy to that target all together disappearing from space; as such any free photon within space time is travelling and has a speed; such speed even though integral part of the photon's energy is also missing from Planck's equation. Granted the speed of a photon, whether red or blue, is always the same and as such doesn't need to appear in science's mathematics, yet that is adding to science's particle photon lack of specificity.
The photon's ambiguity that is its lack of specificity regarding both its cycle and speed brings to mind Quantum Mechanics' entangled pairs uncertainty; these pairs are defined as being 2 complementary particles, systematically avoiding to provide a real entity coinciding to this complementarity; considering the pair to be an entity to deal with as done in quantum mechanics, deliberately ignoring that there are 2 individual particles, is highly equivocal.
Note 3 : one might argue that the type of cycle could instead be chosen as a wavelength; but that would change the number of cycles per second to a speed rather than to an inverse time, which f is precisely, as shown next in the text.

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