Gravimotion Interpretation of Nature







What is gravity? Why gravimotion?

Take your pencil, lift it and release it. Your pencil is getting into MOTION, falling to the ground. Gravity is occurring as physical MOTION hence the word gravimotion. And at time of this writing, just as for the PURE MOTION interpretation of light rays, gravity has never been considered to be pure MOTION in science.

The gravity created by Earth extends at least up to the moon, as the later is kept in orbit by Earth's very gravity.
And even though evident the following is usually not mentioned: the gravity that occurs between earth's surface and moon involves a volume in which there is no mass that creates such gravity; even though produced by mass the volume of space in which occurs gravity doesn't contain any mass of its own.
In gravimotion interpretation of Nature, being invisible, having no mass of its own and providing MOTION, gravity is occurring as pure MOTION; and that goes along science's force of gravity which is occuring as an accelerated MOTION.

The gravimotion created by our Sun extends at least up to our Earth; within that volume the gravimotions of Sun, Earth and Moon are all everlapping each other. Motion-volumes may overlap.

The word gravimotion reflects gravitation's physical MOTION. The so called force of gravity that you feel under your feet while standing up, is interpreted as restricted MOTION in gravimotion interpretation of Nature.

Recap: in gravimotion interpretation of Nature gravity occurs as an accelerated MOTION; gravity's MOTION is invisible; gravity is occurring as dynamic-MOTION-volumes converging toward the bodie's center of gravity creating it.
A particularity of gravitation's MOTION is that, unlike light's MOTION, it doesn't move itself; gravitation's MOTION remains stuck against the mass that produces it; yet it has the mind-boggling ability to set into MOTION any material object placed within it.

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