Gravimotion Interpretation of Nature







Theory of Motion Reality

PURE MOTION physical characteristics

Because the REALITY of LIGHT RAYS are occurring as entities devoid of matter or mass, REALITY is bewildering; and physic's science on the subject is as baffling; light's absolute (massless) speed challenges Motion (of matter) RELATIVITY.
In gravimotion interpretation PURE MOTION is a Reality, that is a physical entity, having the following PHYSICAL characteristics:
  1. Because the occurrence of light's Motion may physically burn our human skin Motion is physical.
  2. Any physical entity has a volume; as such any physical Motion has a volume.
  3. And any physical entity having a volume is also occurring in time, or more precisely has a duration; as such any physical Motion is a lasting volume.
  4. A specific characteristic of motion is to be directional; physical Motion is occuring as an oriented lasting volume.
  5. As already mentioned Motion is massless physical Motion oriented lasting volumes are massless.
  6. And when material objects are in Motion, their Motion is invisible; pure, physical, massless, Motion oriented lasting volumes are invisible.
    Astronauts in their spacecraft are surrounded by a dark environment; while they see Earth's atmosphere and landscape below them they do not see the light rays moving from Sun to that landscape nor those reflected by it then travelling back to their eyes, providing them an image of this Earth of ours.
    Light-rays travelling within Sun-to-Earth's gap are invisible.
    Whether moving matter or moving itself as does a light-ray, pure, physical, massless MOTION oriented lasting volumes remain invisible.
    Only the PHYSICAL EFFECTS of Motion volumes may be felt or seen by our human senses.
  7. At the image of light rays that are travelling from Sun to Earth, Motion is travelling; motion does not remain still or dead as mass does; because not inanimate physical massless invisible Motion oriented lasting volumes are live.
  8. As unvealed in this essay physical massless invisible lasting oriented live Motion volumes may overlap and have at least one tip situated on their front end.
In gravimotion interpretation of Nature, Motion's fundamental characteristic is a volume, devoid of mass, yet moving or occurring simply as Motion; non-material invisible pure live Motion volumes occurrences are integral part of Reality; yet we humans only see the effects of Motion.
And in gravimotion interpretation of Nature, pure Motion when aggregated in dramatically compacted quantities is forming matter and becomes an opaque or transparent material entity.
Above all, when specific conditions such as those on our Earth are occurring, material yet complex aggregations of Motion volumes end up blooming in an incredible diversity of plant and animal life.

Illustrations of two invisible MOTIONS

This animation is a simplified dynamic illustration of light rays' sinusoidal invisible Motion. In this animation the Motion's volume amounts to a rotating cylinder, which diameter is the thickness of the bouncing bar: light motion This second animation is based on gravimotion's interpretation of the invisible Motion of matter. This Motion volume is actually an aggregate of pure Motions volumes in that interpretation.

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